Akashganaga temple

Address :Akasaganga, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517504

District : Ujjain

Phone :  0734 255 0563

Completed : 1965-66

Deity : Shiva

Famous For : Maha Shivratri


One of the famous Hindu pilgrimage sites in Arunachal Pradesh, Akashiganga temple is located 12 km from Malinithan towards Along in West Siang District. Legends have it that one of the body parts of Sati fell in this location. Since then, this temple is regarded as an important holy destination for Shakti worship. According to Hindu mythology, this temple is associated with the story of Lord Shiva, as the story goes; Lord Shiva carried the dead body of Sati and roamed around in the sky and seeing this melancholy act, Lord Mahavishnu cut the dead body into many pieces using Sudarshan Chakra. This lead the body parts to scatter all around India. You may see other prominent temples dedicated to Maa Sati.
However, the head part of the Goddess Sati fell at Arunachal Pradesh and the place later was build into a sacred temple Akashiganga for the Shakti worshipers. Besides, the actual Sacred Kund is located 100 meters from the temple and to get there a need to go downwards through the spiral path. The major reason to visit Akashiganga temple is because you can see a glittering object in afar distance but as one gets closer the shining object disappears. Hence, due to this the devotees from across the world come to take a glance of this phenomenon attraction. There is also a sacred pond and it is also believed to have some medicinal value for curing any kind of disease.

Timing : Open 24 Hours
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