Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan

Address – Bihari Pura, Raman Reiti, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh 281121

District – Mathura
Completed –  1862

Deity – Radha and Krishna

Famous For – Lord Krishna

Visiting Hours – 7:30 am-12 pm, 5 pm – 9 pm

Overview –

The Banke Bihari Temple is one of the most revered Hindu temples located in the holy city of Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India. Dedicated to Lord Krishna, it is a significant pilgrimage site for devotees, particularly those belonging to the Vaishnavism tradition.The temple has a rich history dating back several centuries. It is believed to have been established by Swami Haridas, a revered saint and musician in the 16th century. Swami Haridas is known for his devotional songs and his deep connection with Lord Krishna. Legend has it that the idol of Banke Bihari, a form of Lord Krishna, appeared on its own accord in front of Swami Haridas.

Architecturally, the temple reflects the traditional North Indian style of temple architecture. It is not very large in size but is intricately designed, featuring exquisite carvings and artwork. The inner sanctum of the temple houses the idol of Banke Bihari, which is adorned with elaborate decorations and offerings by devotees.The Banke Bihari Temple holds immense spiritual significance for devotees. It is believed that worshiping Lord Krishna at this temple brings immense blessings and fulfillment of desires. The atmosphere inside the temple is filled with devotion and fervor, especially during festivals and special occasions dedicated to Lord Krishna, such as Janmashtami (the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna) and Holi.

Devotees from all over the world visit the Banke Bihari Temple to offer their prayers and seek the blessings of Lord Krishna. The temple follows traditional rituals and customs, and various devotional activities such as bhajans (devotional songs) and kirtans (singing of hymns) are performed regularly.


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