Harsiddhi Temple

Address :  Moti Tabela, New Harsiddhi Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452007

District : Ujjain

Phone :Not Available

Completed : 11th Century

Deity : Harsiddhi (Durga)

Famous For : Navratri, Dussehra


Harsidhhi, one of the aspects of Durga, is a regional Hindu goddess, popular in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, adjoining Maharashtra states of India.
Harsiddhi, a contracted form or, at its very least, a form of “Harshad Amba” – The Happy Mother, is considered one of the aspects of Amba and Kalika, the Hindu Devi. She is also known by the names like Harshal, Harshad, Harshat, Harsidh Bhvani.
She is worshiped as Kuldevi by many Kshatriya, Brahmin, Rajput and Vaishya communities. The Chandarana clan of Lohanas, The Pankhania clan of the Sorathia Prajapatis, Brahmakshatriyas, Harsana clan of Gurjars, many Jain castes as well Brahmins like Panchariya and many other communities also worship her as their Kuldevi. She is also religiously worshiped by fishermen and other sea-faring tribes and people of Gujarat as she is considered protector of ships at sea. She is worshipped by Kamboya Turi-Barot people of North Gujarat as their Kuldevi. And the fact that Baakoria Damor in Gujarat also worships Harsiddhi Mataji as Kuldevi is also a historical matter. Harshidhhi Mata Temple also known as Harshal Mata Temple located at Miyani village, some 30 km away from Porbandar en route to Dwarka. The main temple was originally located on a hilltop facing the sea. It is said Krishna had worshiped her during his lifetime and has since been living atop hill called Koyla Dungar. The original temple atop the hill is said to have been built by Krishna himself. Krishna wanted to defeat the asuras and Jarasandha so he prayed to Amba Mata for power. With the blessings of the goddess, Krishna was able to defeat the Asuras. After this success, he built the temple. When Jarasandha was killed, all Yadavas over overjoyed (harshit) and they celebrated their success here. Hence the name Harshad Mata or Harsiddhi Mata. She has since been worshiped as kuldevi of Yadav.

Timing : 5:00 Am to 7:00 Pm
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