Mallikarjun Temple

Address : near mallikarjun temple, Shristhal, Canacona, Goa 403702

District : Chaudi in Canacona taluk 

Phone :  0832 249 4204

Completed : Around mid 16th century

Deity : Mallikarjuna, incarnation of Shiva

Famous For : Shisharani, Jatra, Veeramel, Avatar purush


The Shri Mallikarjuna (Konkani:श्री मल्लिकार्जुन) temple dedicated to Lord Mallikarjun, an incarnation of Lord Shiva is situated in the Sristhal village which is 7 km northeast of Chaudi in Canacona taluk in the South Goa district of Goa, India. The shrine is known to be one of the oldest in Goa and is situated amidst beautiful natural surroundings in a valley completely surrounded by mountains. The temple is believed to be constructed during the middle of the 16th century, as per the writing on a plaque near the temple dome, by ancestors of the Kshatriya samaj. It was refurbished in the year 1778. The main deity of the temple is referred to as Advat Sinhasanadheeshwara Mahapati by his devotees. His consort is referred to as Devati.
There are about 14 Mallikarjuna shrines spread over Goa. The striking similarity in these shrines is that all idols are in cylindrical shape and covered with metallic masks accompanied by Trishula. These cylindrical shaped wooden idols are known as Nirakar(formless) by the local population. These idols probably point to the era when Natha Sampradaya was prominent in the Western Deccan region. The lingas are believed to be Swaymbhu lingas. According to the records two ancient shrines of Mallikarjun existed in Bardez at Assgao and Pomburpa which were demolished by the Portuguese.
The temple has around 60 Hindu deities and it celebrates a number of festivals with the annual jatra being the most unusual amongst most of the festivals in Goa. The temple also celebrates the festivals of Rathasaptami and Shigmotsav which attract a number of devotees. Legend has it that the location of the temple was the place where Lord Shiva united with his consort Parvati after a long period of separation. Another source mentions that the demon Malla was fighting with one of the Pandava brothers, Arjuna. Shiva assumed the form of a hunter and killed Malla and saved Arjuna and hence the name ‘Mallikarjun’. The temple is also known as Adavat Sinhasanadhishwar Mahapati Canacona among the locals. The Linga is believed to be Swayambhu lingam, uncovered by a member of the Kunbi community while clearing the forest and it is a cylindrical shaped uncut stone covered with a metallic mask.

Timing : 6:30 Am to 8:00 Pm
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