Mamleshwar Jyotirlinga Temple

Address : Brahmpuri, Omkareshwar, Madhya Pradesh 450554

District : Khandwa

Phone : 1800 11 1363

Completed : 400 Ad

Deity : Shiva

Famous For : Maha Shivratri


At a distance of 1 km from Omkareshwar Bus Station, Mamleshwar Temple is a sacred Hindu temple located in the holy town of Omkareshwar, Madhya Pradesh. Situated right opposite the Omkareshwar temple on the southern bank of the Narmada River, it is one of the popular temples in Omkareshwar, and among the must-visit places as part of Omkareshwar packages.
Also known as Amleshwar or Amareshwar temple, the Mamleshwar temple is located on the southern bank of Narmada, near the Gomukh ghat it is on the mainland. It is widely believed that a pilgrimage to the Omkareshwar isn’t complete without paying obeisance to the Amareshwar of Mamleshwar temple as it is believed to houses half of the 4th Jyotirlinga, the other half is in Omkareshwar Temple. According to folklore, the Mamleshwar is the Shiva lingam built by the Pandavas during their exile from the Mahabharata era. While another popular Omkareshwar lore proclaims that the existence of Mamleshwar jyotirlinga goes back to Vedic times, when Shiva manifested himself as a jyotirlinga, pleased by the penance of the god of Vindhyas. Owing to the huge crowd of sages and devotees who came to visit him, Lord Shiva split himself into two on either side of the river Narmada. While one Jyotirlinga on the island of Mandhata came to be known as Omkareshwar, the other on the mainland of Omkareshwar town came to be known as Mamleshwar, respectively. This is the reason, why the Amareshwar jyotirlinga is also known as a Parthivlinga.
Maintained by ASI, the Mamleshwar temple is located in a beautiful ancient temple complex surrounded by spotless small shrines dedicated to various gods and goddesses, adorned with carvings and sculptures. The temple is spread over a smaller area that covers a hall and a sanctum. 22 brahmins performed the Lingarchan rituals daily in this temple since the reign of Maharani Ahilyabai. However, now the number of Brahmins has been brought down to just 5. Around 1000 Shivalingas are planted on a wooden board to perform the daily rituals. The temple walls are adorned with the Mahimna Strotam inscriptions. Here devotees are allowed to worship by touching the Jyotirlinga. The idol of Goddess Parvati is also present behind the Shivaling. A Nandi Mandap outside the main temple is worth noticing.
Maha Shivratri is the most popular festival observed in this ancient and holy temple in which large carcades are carried out within the city with people thronging the streets to catch a glance of the venerate idol of Mahadev. One can go by a hanging bridge or by boat which connects both the temples.

Timing : 5:30 Am to 9:00 Pm
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