Ranchoddrai Temple

Address : Aklach, Dakor, Gujarat 388230

District : Kheda 

Phone :  02699 244 492

Completed : 1772 AD

Deity : Lord Vishnu

Famous For :  Holi, Amalaka Ekadashi, Janmashtami, Nand Mahotsav, Rathyatra and Dashera 


Dakor (Gujarati: ISO 15919: Ḍākōr) is a small city and a municipality in Kheda district in the state of Gujarat, India. It is prominent for its temple of Raṇchoḍrāyjī.
The temple of Raṇchoḍrāyjī houses a mūrtī of the Vishnu-Trivikram class. The temple rituals are under the influence of Vallabhite Vaishnavism. The name “Raṇchoḍ” refers to when Kr̥ṣṇa fled the battlefield by running away from Jarāsandha to Dvārkā.
According to the Ḍākor-māhātmya, a Rajput named Boḍāṇo aka Vijayasiṁha used to visit Dvārkādīś at Dvārkā, but lived in Ḍākor. In 1151, when Boḍāṇā reached the age of eighty years, God told Boḍāṇā that he would join him in Ḍākor. Boḍāṇā borrowed a cart and bullocks from a local cowherd and sold his utensils to feed them, and made for Dvārakā. When he reached Dvārakā, the Gugalīs (temple priests of Dvārakā) suspected his intentions and put additional locks on the temple. However Dvārkānāth now named Raṇchoḍ himself slipped out of the temple and awoke Boḍāṇā and told him to drive away with him. When they left the city gates Raṇchoḍ himself drove the cart while Boḍāṇā slept. When the Gugalīs awoke in the morning to find Dvāraknāth missing, they chased Boḍāṇā back to Ḍākor, where he had hidden Raṇachoḍ in the Gomatī reservoir. Raṇchoḍ told Boḍāṇā to meet the Gugalīs and give them presents of curds, but the Gugalīs threw a lance at him. According to the mahātmya the lance instead landed on Raṇachoḍjī whose blood bloodied the waters of the Gomatī and revealed his location. The Gugalīs then tried to remove the image from the waters but were unsuccessful. The Gugalīs became repentant and began fasting to try remove their guilt. Boḍāṇā’s wife Gaṅgā could not bear to see this sight, so when she was giving Raṇchoḍ his daily evening roṭalā, she offered to give him lāḍus if he bestowed grace on the Gugalīs and to not give him anything he did not. Raṇachoḍ told her that the Gugalīs were not missing him, but the gold and money his presence brought them. He told Gaṅgā to ask the Gugalīs if they would accept his weight in gold, and proceeded to gobble all the lāḍus. The Gugalīs agreed to this contract, but it was miracously discovered that Gaṅgā’s gold nose-ring weighed more Raṇchoḍ, from when the Gugalīs left. The mūrti in Dvārkā was replaced miraculously. The Ḍaṅka Purāṇa or Ḍaṅkapura-māhātmya was written at the end of the 17th century.

Timing : 6:30 Am to 8:00 Pm
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