Shamlaji Temple

Address : M9QQ+G2H, Gambhoi – Bhiloda Road, Samalaji, Gujarat 383355

District : Aravalli

Phone :  0832 249 4204

Completed : 11th century

Deity : Vishnu as Gadadhar Shamlaji

Famous For : Annual fair on Kartik Poornima


Shamlaji, also spelled Shamalaji, is a major Hindu pilgrimage centre in Aravalli district of Gujarat state of India. The Shamlaji temple is dedicated to Vishnu. Several other Hindu temples are located nearby.
The present temple dedicated to Shamlaji, a form of Vishnu was perhaps started in the 11th century in Chaulukya style, but the present structure dates from the 15th-16th centuries. The sculpture of Vishnu in the sanctuary is probably seventh-8th century, and the small temple opposite houses a sixth-century sculpture of Shiva. The oldest intact temple is the small ninth-century Harishchandrani Chauri Temple, with a gateway nearby.[4] Several ruins of temples, scattered idols and old brick-works surrounding the place establishes antiquity of the place.
A fourth-century Buddhist monastery and stupa at Devnimori is about two kilometres (1.2 mi) away, but is now under by the waters of the Meshvo Reservoir. This site dates to the Mauryan period, and a much older microlith site known as Dhek-Vadlo locally was found near Shamlaji.
Shamlaji was an important Hindu centre in the sixth century, probably the home of a sculpture workshop whose creations are found as far away as Mumbai, where the Parel Relief was found. Most of the ancient sculpture found at Shamlaji, in blueish schist, has now been removed to museums, especially to Mumbai and Vadodara.

Timing : 6:00 Am to 11:30 Am - 12:15 Pm to 12:30 Pm - 2:15 Pm – 8:30 Pm
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