Shri Ajitnath BhagwanShwetamber Jain Derasar

Address :  XQ83+GJQ, Taranga Road, Taranga, Gujarat 384325

District : Chaudi in Canacona taluk 

Phone : 094280 00601

Completed : 1121

Deity : Ajitnath

Famous For : Mahavir Janma Kalyanak


Taranga is a Jain pilgrimage center near Kheralu in Mehsana district, Gujarat, India, with two compounds of Jain temples that are important examples of the Māru-Gurjara style of architecture. The Ajitnatha temple, was constructed in 1161 by the Chaulukya king Kumarapala, under the advice of his teacher, Acharya Hemachandra. Both the main sects of Jainism are represented, with adjoining walled compounds: the Svetambara compound consists of 14 temples in all, and there are also five Digambara-affiliated temples at Taranga hill.
Taranga became an important Jain pilgrimage site in the 12h century. In Kumarapal Pratibodha of Somaprabhacharya, composed in Vikram Samvat 1241, states the local Buddhist king Veni Vatsaraja and Jain monk Khaputacharya had built a temple for goddess Tara and thus the town was named Tarapur.
The hill is for the most part covered with brushwood and forest is, on the east and west, crossed by a road that lead to a plateau where stand the temples built of white sandstone and brick. The major Ajitanatha temple was built by Chaulukya king Kumarapala (1143 – 1174) after he became a follower of Jainism under his teacher Acharya Hemchandra.

Timing : 6:00 Am to 8:00 Pm
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